This is not a blog: a review of Bobby Hundreds’ first book

Bobby Hundreds, the owner of giant streetwear brand The Hundreds, recently released his first book: This Is Not a T-Shirt. Not only is this book a memoir of Bobby’s youth and the creation of The Hundreds, it is a streetwear bible for any likeminded brands wishing to follow in the footsteps of a fashion icon.

(Image credit: @bobbyhundreds on Instagram) 

One of the broadest themes that Bobby touches on throughout is the importance of community. With what feels like millions of streetwear start-ups nowadays, Bobby highlights the value of connecting with customers on a personal level. As said by the man himself:

“Brands are most successful as avatars for the person(s) behind it. If the brand does its job to relate, to speak on behalf of the creator, and to story tell in a way that resonates with an audience, then it’ll win.”

The sense of community and family that Bobby has developed with his brand inspires us at PAX VICE and is something we can only aim to replicate in the future.

Aside from describing the rise of The Hundreds, Bobby also explains in detail several challenges that faced the LA-based brand. A few examples of this are the collapse of a mega buyout from Tommy Hilfiger and a somewhat ironic issue of the Adam Bomb becoming too successful.


This is Not a T-Shirt is an incredible read, whether you’re a hypebeast, an aspiring brand owner or anything in between. At the end of this book you’ll see why so many people are buzzing to call themselves members of the community that Bobby has built and nurtured.